Why Companies Should Consider Renting Forklifts

Forklifts are a double-edged sword in the warehousing world. On the one hand, most warehouses wouldn’t be able to get along without them. On the other, they’re a company’s biggest investment of money, time, and energy. One strategy for cutting down a forklift’s cost in all three of these categories is to rent it instead of purchasing it. This is why companies should consider renting forklifts.

They’re Budget Friendly

The cost of purchasing a forklift can be high, making it difficult for smaller companies to acquire the equipment they need. Renting forklifts has a much lower upfront cost and allows for lower operating costs since the rental company typically covers maintenance. Additionally, by renting a forklift, your company can avoid purchasing excess equipment such as additional machines or attachments.

They Offer Greater Support

As mentioned, maintenance often comes as part of the package for forklift rentals. This added support offers companies a host of benefits beyond simply reducing operating costs.

For instance, newer companies without a lot of background experience involving forklifts must often contend with a learning curve. Their workers’ unfamiliarity with forklifts can lead to more machine downtime and direct attention away from other necessary business functions. By taking the burden of maintenance off their shoulders, these businesses can focus their attention on building a solid foundation.

They Meet Short-Term Needs

For companies with an influx of seasonal inventory, certain times of year have a greater need for forklifts than others. During these busy periods, forklifts become essential for increasing efficiency, and the increased profit helps pay the difference of owning them.

However, during the off-seasons, the upkeep of these forklifts costs companies money even when they aren’t using them. To avoid this, companies can choose to rent machinery for the duration of the busy season. That way, they can acquire the machinery they need when they need it without paying for it when they don’t.

They’re Flexible

As your business grows, your needs may grow as well. A forklift model that worked well for your company one year may become outmoded in the next year. But when you purchase a forklift, you’re stuck with the model you bought. Rental options allow your company to try out different forklifts to find ones that meet its needs and obtain newer models without worrying about wasted investments.

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