When To Use Telescopic Handler Forklifts

You wouldn’t only use one type of wrench on a complicated construction project. You would have multiple types with different shapes and sizes to do the job well. The same is true of forklifts. While standard three and four-wheel forklifts are excellent at performing a variety of functions, there are situations when they might not fully meet the needs of a facility. That is when using a different type of forklift, such as the telescopic handler forklift, may be advisable.

Difference Between Telescopic Handlers and Forklifts

Telescopic handler forklifts, or telehandlers, are similar to forklifts in that they are both designed to lift and lower loads. However, telehandlers are equipped with “booms” in addition to forks, which make them operate similarly to cranes. This gives them a further reach and greater range of mobility than the standard forklift. This equips this type of forklift for a host of tasks, and knowing when to use telescopic handler forklifts will help you make the most of them.

When To Use a Telehandler Forklift

Lifting a High Load

Standard forklifts are usually built with warehouses in mind and can reach high enough for most units. However, in some warehouses or in settings outside the warehouse, a facility may need to lift loads to higher locations. Telehandler forklifts are equipped to reach areas much higher than the standard forklift. This is valuable for delivering materials to those working on rooftops when a crane is not available or conducive to operations.

Traversing Rugged Surfaces

Telehandlers are designed to handle a wider variety of terrains than a standard forklift. Their triangular footprint helps them handle uneven ground, making them a better choice for outdoor work in construction or agriculture. However, it is important to note that, like other forklifts, telehandlers are prone to tip-overs, especially if the ground is unstable.

Snow Removal

A telehandler’s wide range of motion makes it uniquely equipped to remove snow with the right attachment. When the boom is lowered, it can plow or move snow from roadways the way a normal snowplow would. But because it can also lift the boom to great heights, it can help remove snow from building tops as well. Because too much snow accumulation can lead to roof damage, this can save companies that operate in snow-prone environments money in the long run.

Whether the tool you are looking for is a three-wheel forklift, side loader, or telescopic handler, our Toyota forklift dealer has the equipment and knowledge you need to make a good choice for your company.