When To Use Side Loader Forklifts

When To Use Side Loader Forklifts

Forklifts are a machine designed to increase efficiency in warehouses and similar facilities, but like any tool, forklifts come in various sizes for various purposes. One can’t use a sized screwdriver on just any screw, and no one would think of using a sledgehammer on a pin nail. Likewise, it’s important to know when to use different varieties of forklifts. This guide explains when to use side loader forklifts.

Wide or Long Materials

While most forklifts tend to have their masts placed in front of the cab, side loaders have their masts placed along the side. That way, instead of a load being perpendicular to the cab, it runs horizontal to the cab. Along with this, side loaders often come equipped with cargo beds and forks, offering further stability to loads. This makes lifting long, unwieldy loads such as piping, lumber, or rolls of material less of a balancing act.

Narrow Aisles

Let’s face it navigating narrow aisles with a forklift is difficult. With limited space to move, pull, and place products, side loaders can become extremely useful. Side loader forklifts lift perpendicular to the cab, which takes up less space when moving down aisles. They also do not have to turn to pick up materials the way traditional forklifts must. This is partly because side loaders pick up materials and partly because most side loaders come equipped with an independent wheel turn.

Difficult Loading and Unloading Situations

Depending on the facility and the materials in question, there are some situations when loading and unloading become particularly difficult. In these situations, using a side loader forklift may be a better option. As mentioned above, side-loaders tend to offer more stable unloading conditions. Also, side loaders allow operators the full range of visibility, making even challenging jobs simple.

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To do a job correctly, you need the right tools, and side loader forklifts are a valuable tool in any warehouse’s arsenal. Our Toyota forklift dealer has both traditional and side loader forklifts to help your facility get the job done.



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