When to Use Narrow Aisle Forklifts to Increase Efficiency

When to Use Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow aisle forklifts come with unique benefits that make the workday both safer and more efficient. From maneuvering through tight warehouse aisles to helping your business save money, they’re a worthwhile investment. Learn when to use narrow aisle forklifts, and take on anything the workday throws your way.

Limited Space

As a warehouse’s supply increases, the space between aisles only decreases. It is difficult for standard forklifts to reach the parcels they need to transport. With a slimmer design and better maneuverability, narrow aisle forklifts can solve this problem. These features allow the forklift to reach places that standard forklifts can’t, and they keep the driver and those around them safe while they move parcels.

When Looking for a Cost-Effective Investment

Many warehouses use narrow aisle models for regular use because they offer additional workplace optimization. This makes it easier to organize more parcels within a smaller space and still have the ability to reach whatever you need. Though this equipment is more expensive to purchase outright, their versatile uses make them a great tool to increase workplace efficiency. In turn, results in a lower overall cost than some larger models.

When the Workspace Contains Hazards

The maneuverability of narrow aisle forklifts is also what can keep warehouse workers safe in potentially hazardous working conditions. Increased inventory often makes a warehouse over-packed and crowded, which can create a situation where workers can’t see what’s around them. Since this equipment is designed to perform in tighter spaces, it can help significantly reduce the risk of an accident or damage to a product. Additionally, narrow aisle forklifts are built for stand-up operation, which gives the driver better visibility around the machine.

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