What To Know When Renting Material Handling Equipment

Keeping a few things in mind when renting equipment is crucial to how the business transaction will develop. It ultimately determines whether an experience is a good or undesirable one. Knowing what questions to ask and parts to inspect and building a solid rapport with your business associate will ensure that you get the very best out of your rental from start to finish. Here is what to know when renting material handling equipment for your next big project.

Know Your Workspace

Understanding the workspace that you will occupy will determine how much equipment you can potentially rent and how much you can move around and organize. Make sure you know the layout and its dimensions before you purchase your rental. This way, you can determine how much work you need to do per square foot and how many employees you will need to get the job done. This information will be crucial to know for stacking and organizing as well.

If you have too many rentals, they can crowd your space, making the environment hard to work in. Ultimately, this can cost you money that you could have saved all along. You may need to utilize an alternate space to finish the amount of work done that you intend to do if your warehouse or workspace doesn’t fit the bill. This may require you to rent a separate space.

So, it is paramount that you make these measurements for your floor space and ceilings long before renting to know what the total capacity of your work area truly is.

Put Quality First

To determine the quality of the equipment you choose to rent, you will need to do your due diligence and research companies long before making any phone calls. Going for the most economically friendly deals and discounts is not always the best option. You will need to know for sure whether your equipment will be able to withstand the job that you are preparing to put it through.

If you manage to find a company with decent rates and stellar reviews, you might be close to finding the company that suits your business well. Toyota Material Handling Ohio, which provides forklift rentals in Columbus, Ohio, is one such company. Take your time and look at all the pros and cons to each potential renter. Then, you will be sure to have the tools you need to get your job underway.

Ask Questions

When you finally determine who to go with for your rentals, make sure that you meet with them face to face if you can. If you can’t, communicating over the phone will also work. If you have to do business over the phone, take down the associate’s information and make sure they are the correct point of contact for doing business with this company. You want to verify this before agreeing to anything. Once you determine the point of contact, you must set up an interview with the individual to discuss fees and terms.

Knowing the cost and the conditions that you will be under will be crucial to the agreement you are preparing to make. Another key feature that you will not want to forget to discuss is the delivery. In most cases, rental companies will offer free or discounted delivery for their services. If they don’t, you will have to pick the equipment up, which will cost you time and money. So, it’s in your best interest to investigate this long beforehand. This way, you will know what you are getting yourself into.

Determine Delivery Details

You have determined that there will be delivery. Additionally, you must find out the specific terms relating to it. Again, they will need to meet the needs of your business. You will need to align this delivery long before your job begins. This will ensure that it gets there on time and that there aren’t any issues.

Some of the units may not be functioning properly and need a technician to come out for maintenance. Discuss whether that is a condition that they cover. If the business doesn’t cover it, that could mean extra costs for you when it isn’t in the contract or terms that they show you prior to your purchase of the rental. It could also be a one-way delivery that you will have to return yourself when you finish using it.

This could be a problem if you do not have the proper equipment and manpower to get it back to its destination. Again, this could cost you some time and effort that you don’t have because your business is too precious. Having all these things in place long before making any transactions will ensure that you have a smooth operation, which is what you are ultimately after.

Inspect the Equipment

Once your goods arrive, make sure not to shake hands, sign any paperwork or pay anyone until you and the rental business representative have inspected all the materials together. This way, you will have a witness from the company to confirm what went wrong if anything did arise. The second thing you will want to do is make sure that you document your purchase and any flaws you find associated with the equipment.

You may be responsible for any flaw or break that you fail to mention. These will become your issues after you make the agreement and purchase the equipment for rental. You should inform the rental company about any equipment features that do not function as they should. Pay special attention to the most important components, such as the hydraulics and engine. At the very least, you should always crank the engine and check everything out as much as you can in front of the associate. Inspecting the equipment will ensure you can make those necessary checks. This way, everyone will get what they want, and you will have a successful business transaction.

Now that you know how to prepare for your next material handling equipment rental, you will know the ins and outs of rental agreements. You will need to get your own workspace ready and verify the integrity of the materials you are preparing to rent. Alongside that, inspections and documentation should always take place before making any agreement or purchase. This is what to know when renting material handling equipment so that you can make an easy transition for your next big job.

What To Know When Renting Material Handling Equipment