What is Toyota 360 Support

What Is Toyota 360 Support?

We want to make sure your Toyota keeps running like…well, a Toyota. That’s where the Toyota 360 support plan makes a difference for your company. It’s designed to save you money on forklift service, save you downtime, and save you headaches. Toyota 360 support provides full-circle maintenance for your forklift fleet.

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The Toyota 360 Promise

Toyota 360 Support is our promise to be your full support forklift supplier from the moment we first begin a conversation and throughout the entire life of your ownership. With Toyota 360 support, help is always at your fingertips. Utilize the Toyota 360 service request app to instantly connect with certified technicians who guarantee four-hour emergency response times. Receive a 2 -year warranty on parts and labor if replacement parts fail. Limit emergencies and reduce the cost of repairs with a full year of planned maintenance.

Advantages Of Toyota 360 Support

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4-Hour Emergency Response Times

We hate downtime as much as you do. If your forklift is down, we are here to help. Toyota 360 support technicians can respond to your request within four hours. Just click a few buttons on the Toyota 360 service request app, TMHOH certified technicians will be on the way!

Safety By Design

The core of the numerous safety elements built into Toyota forklifts is the System of Active Stability (SAS). SAS minimizes the likelihood of tip-over to reduce the risk for operators and the people around them. When the system detects an issue that could lead to instability, it instantly engages the swing lock cylinder to stabilize the rear axle – changing the forklift’s stability footprint from triangular to rectangular.  This additional stability system helps prevent lateral overturns like no other forklift can.

In addition, SAS fork leveling control automatically adjusts the forklift’s mast, so the forks are level with the ground for ease of retrieving pallets at high levels.  The best part…SAS isn’t an option or an up-charge on our forklifts-it comes standard on every four-wheel Toyota model that can accommodate it.

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