What are Toyota Genuine Parts?

What are Toyota Genuine Parts?

When you purchase a Toyota forklift, you are purchasing the world’s top-selling brand. Over the last ten years, Toyota has been named the best in quality, durability, reliability, and overall value. But how has the brand stayed so consistent?

Through Toyota Genuine Parts.

All Toyota forklifts come off the manufacturing line with Toyota Genuine Parts. Toyota Genuine parts are any replacement part that belongs to a Toyota. Replacement parts can be batteries, tires, brakes, steering wheels, alternators, forks, attachments, filters, pumps, transitions, and more. Don’t be fooled by imitators. The only place to source proper Toyota parts is at an authorized Toyota forklift dealer.

If you decide to use a generic replacement part instead, take note that there is a risk of depreciating the value of the forklift. However, if you switch out the generic parts with Toyota parts, then you can rest assured you will receive the same optimized performance you have come to expect from a Toyota forklift.

Certified technicians install Toyota Genuine parts at Toyota dealers. Each piece comes with a two-year or 2,000-hour warranty. If you have an in-house service department, Toyota dealers can provide complete parts consignment inventories to suit your needs.

Keep your forklifts running longer, stronger and more efficient by keeping a Toyota Forklift a true Toyota.

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What Is Toyota 360 Support?

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