What Are Polyurethane Tires

What Are Polyurethane Tires

Polyurethane tires are manufactured to be as soft as a foam pillow or as hard and smooth as a tabletop. It differs from rubber tires; it’s more durable, flexible, and pliable. Polyurethane (poly) tires hold their integrity extremely well and tend to be chemical-resistant, which is suitable for a forklift that is continually moving chemicals regularly. When a forklift needs to move hefty loads short distances, Poly tires are a much better choice to use than rubber tires.

Polyurethane tires may seem to be a variation of rubber tires due to its same material, but it is much different in its physical structure and beneficial qualities. Polyurethane has been around for half the time of Rubber, which has been manufactured for more than 100 years. The benefits and the conditions of Poly tires are much higher than the rubber tires in various applications.

Benefits of Polyurethane Tires

Load Capacity – Poly wheels can hold twice the support of weight than rubber.

Noise Reduction – They are extremely quiet. It uses a shock absorber that helps cushion the ride and absorb the bumps from uneven terrain. If you compare Poly tires to a cast iron wheel, it reduces noise levels dramatically.

Durability – Polyurethane tires will last four times as long as rubber tires, which is mainly because rubber tires tend to wear down from long-distance road friction.

Coefficient of Friction – Maybe its wet conditions, dirt, or chemical spillage, it’s essential to have tires that can provide secure, reliable traction. Polyurethane tends to be a grippy material that can keep towed carts or lifts right-side-up, where sliding can be a problem.

Chemical Resistant – Poly tires are perfect for environments where industrial chemicals are present and utilized.

Floor Protection – If floor protection is critical, you need to consider polyurethane tires. Polyurethane will deflect and create a much larger footprint than harder wheel materials, such as nylon. This larger area helps reduce the stress concentration on floors and keep floors in better shape for a more extended period.

Polyurethane tires are just one of the popular forklift tire options in the material handling industry. Pneumatic and cushion tires are other popular tire choices for customers to choose from. Understanding what forklift options work best for your industry is key to the production of your forklift.



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