What Are Pneumatic Tires

What Are Pneumatic Tires

Ideal for outdoor use and uneven-rough terrain, the Pneumatic tire is an air-filled tire made with an airtight inner core. Similar to the tires on your car or truck, pneumatic tires help a forklift efficiently work outdoors. These tires ultimately increase your value in uptime for working in outdoor applications. Whereas, if you use the alternative cushion tires in outdoor settings, you may negatively affect uptime. That’s due to the increased chance of damaging your tires, which will create more downtime. Do you need to know what forklift tire you need? Click here!

What makes Pneumatic Tires different?

Pneumatic tires are able to absorb the unevenness of terrain. It allows for a smoother ride when traveling along those bumpy and shaky grounds. These tires also contain a thicker thread, which provides traction to drive over loose or uneven surfaces. The pressure of the air inside the tire is greater than atmospheric air pressure, so the tire remains inflated even with the weight of the vehicle resting on it.

There are two types of pneumatic tires that can be used for a forklift. These two styles are: Solid and Air


A solid pneumatic tire is made of rubber and is puncture-proof. If there are nails, rocks or sharp objects consistently around your workplace then you will want to invest in using solid tires.


An air pneumatic is filled with air and is reinforced with steel belting tread that covers the inner core and provides support to the road. Air-pressured tires provide resistance against forces that try to deform the tire, but it gives to a certain degree.

There can be disadvantages to pneumatic tires, especially in high performance or highly dangerous applications. If there is a puncture, then the tire will result in a total tire failure meaning you will need to replace the entire part. Also if there is low tire pressure it can allow the tire sidewalls to flex, which unfortunately results in poor handling. That’s why it is also important for customers to check their tire pressure constantly, so their pneumatic tires can work effectively.

Keep in mind when you are deciding between cushion or pneumatic tires you must make the right selection for your industry. Once a decision is made you cannot switch out the tires to the other one. These tires require different frames and are not interchangeable.



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