What Are Non Marking Tires

What Are Non-Marking Tires?

Non-Marking tires are white forklift tires designed to avoid leaving behind dirt, residue, and marks off of warehouse floors. These tires can be both cushion and solid pneumatic tires, but they have an even higher floatation and a softer compound that moves smoothly across the ground. There are several types of tires available in the forklift industry. Understanding which tires are perfect for your company takes some research. To better understand Non-marking tires, let’s take a deeper dive into the product.

Non-marking tires replace the soot usually found in tires with silica to eliminate floor marks. Anti-oxidants are infused during the manufacturing process to produce UV protection similar to that of standard forklift tires. Generally, retailers will purchase these tires to avoid unsightly black marks. Storefront appearance is essential to the visual appeal of a retailer’s success. You may also find these tires at airports, food processing plants, and medical centers.

Maintaining Non-Marking Tires

These tires have a softer compound than most black tires, which means they will wear out twice as fast. Increased replacement cycles will accompany the use of non-marking forklift tires because of the need to remove the soot. The black residue is used in the manufacturing process to increase tire durability. The good news is these tires perform the same as standard forklift tires.


  • Reduce floor marks; especially warehouse floors with light-colored coating and surface finish
  • Reduce Industrial floor cleaning requirements
  • Core and base of the tire resembles a reliable cushion tire
  • Ideal for medical/clean rooms
  • Similar performance characteristics to black tires
  • Maintain excellent traction, low rolling resistance, little heat build-up, load carrying capacities and tread life due to the use of silica-based compounds


  • Higher costs than standard forklift tires
  • Will wear twice as fast
  • Create dust on the floor (invisible to the human eye)
  • Shorter lifespan
  • There are zero anti-static properties. Thus, when operating inflammable or explosive settings, the equipment needs to be fitted with earthing straps.



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