Ways To Increase Pedestrian Safety Near Forklifts

On average, forklift accidents cause 85 fatalities annually. Ten percent of them are the result of being struck by a forklift. Finding ways to increase pedestrian safety near forklifts is crucial to keeping a safe and productive warehouse or construction site.

Traffic Control

It’s difficult to imagine a world without traffic laws. It would be chaos, with people and vehicles intermingling in common avenues, leading to disaster. The same can happen in a warehouse if managers do not implement intentional traffic control. Establish proper right of way, speed limit, and areas intended for forklifts or pedestrians in your warehouse.

Placing visual cues within the warehouse can help maintain your traffic control protocol as well. Place barriers dividing pedestrian walkways from places where forklifts drive. You can also put up signs reminding operators of the speed limit or the locations of forklift unloading zones.


Training is essential to forklift safety. That’s why drivers who go through Ohio forklift certification tend to be safer operators. But training shouldn’t end with operators. Having pedestrians attend forklift training will give them a better idea of forklift operations. This will help them understand when a forklift can and can’t see them and how a forklift moves so that everyone can navigate safely.

Increase Visibility

Visibility is essential for increasing pedestrian safety near forklifts. Simple ways to improve visibility in your warehouse include:

  • Improving lighting
  • Mandating reflective clothing
  • Putting up signs reminding employees to pause before entering an intersection
  • Widening aisles

Additionally, you should inspect safety features like lights and horns in forklifts to make sure that they’re functional.


Communication is often the factor that determines the safety of employees. Workers can use gestures to indicate direction or whether they’re staying in place. Also, having a forklift honk its horn before backing up can help alert those around it to avoid dangerous collisions.