Make your warehouse work for you.

Rely on Material Handling and Storage Experts for Your Warehousing Needs

Forklifts are a great place to start when seeking improved productivity, but what if your warehouse is not optimized for maximum efficiency? TMHOH can help there, too. Whether you are looking for pallet rack installation in Columbus, replacement cantilevers in Cleveland, or warehouse design services in Toledo, TMHOH has you covered.

Having a plan is the key to a properly set up warehouse. It is crucial to having an efficiently run business. Let us help you:

  • Find the pallet racking solution most suited to your needs, from double-deep to drive-in solutions… and much more.
  • Plan the spacing of your warehouse carefully, maximizing productivity and storage while minimizing risk with your warehouse design.
  • Select the ideal warehouse products from the leading suppliers in the industry, from order pickers to dock equipment

Harness the power you need to get a material handling job done right, but do not stop there. Find out how TMHOH can help you make the most of your warehouse operations from top to bottom. Contact your local TMHOH dealer today.

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The Complete Guide to Renting Forklifts

Whether your business uses forklifts around the clock or on rare occasion, there may come a time when renting forklifts makes the most sense for you. Download our Complete Guide to Renting Forklifts and gain a deeper understanding on whether forklift rentals are best suited for you.

Buy a Toyota Hand Pallet Jack Online!

Toyota Hand Pallet Jacks Starting At $439 With Free Delivery

One Powerful Machine, Two Versatile Options

Hand Pallet Jack with Nylon Wheels

  • Built tough for industrial conditions
  • Resistant to damage from debris and spills
  • Ideal for backroom and receiving operations

Hand Pallet Jack with Polyurethane Wheels

  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • No damage to storefront floors
  • Ideal for customer-facing operations