Walk-Behind Sweepers

The Collector Series of Industrial floor walk-behind sweepers are dependable and useful. Our floor sweepers are ideal for any application and feature compact designs, easy controls and high maneuverability that help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. 



These walk-behind Sweepers feature large brooms that boosts sweeping capacity and performance. The broom is helpful for negotiating tough corners and a powerful dust filter with an aggressive filter shaker. The Collector series also features a robust, heavy duty steel frame that will withstand years of regular use, durable covers that protect the engine, battery and debris hoppers, a parking brake that increases safety due to its automatic release upon starting, and an ergonomic self-propelled traction drive system that makes operations a breeze.

Ideal Solution for the following:

• Shopping Centers
• Warehouses
• Outdoor Cleanup
• Manufacturing Facilities
• And Other Establishments That Require Outstanding Sweeping Performance