Understanding Forklift Tire Options

Understanding Forklift Tire Options

One of the largest expenses for a forklift over its lifetime can be the tires. Tire selection is important for wear, durability, and safety, and can be highly application-specific. In other words, one tire does NOT fit all and that’s why it’s essential in understanding all your forklift tire options.

Forklift Tires come in various types, with the most popular being pneumatic, cushion, and polyurethane.

Pneumatic Tires: Pneumatic tires are ideal for outdoor use and uneven, rough terrain. Pneumatic tires can come in various types as well, including:

• Solid Pneumatic tires
• Air Pneumatic tires
• Foam-filled Pneumatic tires
• Non-Marking White Pneumatic tires

Cushion Tires: Cushion tires are ideal for indoor use and smooth, paved surfaces. These are most commonly seen in warehouses and inside plants and trucking terminals. Because of the number of different applications that cushion tires are used in, there are many more combinations of styles and compounds to use.

• Treaded cushion tires – Used for more grip
• Smooth cushion tires
• Non-Marking cushion tires – Used to keep floors clear of black tire markings
• Grooved cushion tires
• Walnut shell cushion tires – Used in freezer applications, the walnut shells infused in the rubber of the tire allows for more grip
• Electrically conducting compounds – Used in inflammable areas or areas with danger of explosion
• Cut-resistant compounds – Very efficient on rough, jagged surfaces, which prevents chunking and sidewall damage
• High profile / low profile

Keep in mind when you are deciding between cushion or pneumatic tires you must make the right selection for your industry. Once a decision is made you cannot switch out the tires to the other one. These tires require different frames and are not interchangeable. If you want to learn more about what forklift tire fits best for you, click here.

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