Toyota Electric Forklifts are a Perfect Fit for any Warehouse

Toyota Electric Forklifts – The Perfect Fit for any Warehouse

Keeping a warehouse running smoothly is one of the biggest challenges facing business operators across a wide variety of industries. Whether you’re moving pallets full of food, towering stacks of tires, or other materials ready for distribution, choosing the right forklift can mean a world of difference in levels of productivity.  With a wide range of forklifts including everything from forklifts to electric walkie pallet jacks, electric stackers, order pickers and reach trucks, our Toyota Electric Forklifts are the perfect fit for any warehouse need.

Toyota’s line of electric material handling equipment is designed to increase your up-time. Its low maintenance requirements drastically cut the fuel cost of your fleet and product, which provides no fuel exhaust (which keeps your employees healthy and your goods clean). These benefits show why significant companies like DHL Global Forwarding have transitioned to all-electric fleets for some warehouses.

With lifting capacities ranging from 2,000 – 12,000 lbs., Toyota offers an electric option for almost any warehousing application. Here are just some of our Toyota Electric Forklifts that help make Toyota your full-line supplier of material handling equipment.

Electric Forklifts


Toyota Stand-Up Electric Rider Forklift:



The Toyota Stand-Up Rider Forklift is a warehouse solution for highly mobile operators. This lift easily maneuvers through narrow aisles and lifts to 4,000 lbs. If your warehouse applications call for operators to get on and off their forklift constantly, the Stand-Up Rider might be the right fit in tight spaces.





Toyota Large Electric Forklift:



The Toyota Large Electric Forklift is a high-capacity electric forklift solution with no fumes and limited maintenance costs. It has similar advantages to the core electric forklift models but is capable of lifting to 12,000 lbs. This is perfect for massive duty warehouses and is ideal for companies who value an all-electric fleet.





Toyota 80v Electric Pneumatic Forklift:



With its rugged design, the Toyota Electric Pneumatic Forklift is capable of withstanding harsh conditions when warehouses have both indoor and outdoor needs. Built to do similar work as its IC Pneumatic counterpart, these machines contain zero emissions and are easy to maintain.






Toyota Core Electric Forklift:



Popular in warehouses, food and beverage facilities, and manufacturing plants, the Toyota Core Electric Forklift is one of the most versatile products available for your warehouse needs. It offers a 6,500 lbs. Lifting capacity and the ability to navigate 11′ aisles, making it a must-have for operations in large warehouse spaces.





Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Forklift:



The Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Forklift lets your operators maneuver tight aisles effortlessly. It can operate nimbly in spaces under 10′ and lift to 4,000 lbs. Due to its zero-turn radius and small manufacturing, the 3-Wheel Electric Forklift is an industry leader in run time, travel speeds, and lift/lowering rates.





Pallet Trucks


Toyota Hand Pallet Jack:




The Toyota Hand Pallet Jack makes pulling product through the warehouse or distribution center easy and convenient. With low noise levels and low rolling resistance, its the ideal solution for quick material handling jobs.





Toyota Walkie Stacker:



For your short and mid-distance warehousing needs that require stacking capabilities, the Toyota Electric Walkie Stacker offers an alternative when a full-sized electric forklift isn’t necessary. Extremely durable and budget-friendly, the Walkie Stacker will help increase both your uptime and your bottom line. This piece of equipment is ideal for light-duty stacking in busy warehouses.





Toyota Large Electric Walkie Pallet Jack:



The Toyota Large Electric Walkie Pallet Jack efficiently moves heavy loads throughout your facility. With a 6,000 lbs. Lifting capacity, this equipment is designed to handle heavy loads when a forklift isn’t necessary. Whether you’re loading or unloading a trailer, transporting a load, or moving heavy equipment, the Large Electric Pallet Jack can handle it.





Toyota Industrial Walkie Stacker:



When a traditional forklift isn’t necessary, but you need to lift a product above a second-tier rack, what do you do? Look no further than the Toyota Industrial Walkie Stacker! A cost-efficient and easy-to-use solution, the industrial walkie stacker, is designed to lift to 4,000 lbs of product. With top-of-the-line durability and long-run performance, this machine is an economical complement to nearly any forklift fleet.





Toyota End-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack:




The Toyota End-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack makes long runs in your facility efficiently, and helps load and unload trailers smoothly. This machine can also act as a ground-level order picker, making your operations even more productive.





Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack:



For mid-distance runs that require more speed and power than a standard hand pallet jack can provide, Toyota’s Electric Walkie Pallet Jack offers operators the flexibility they need to tackle many warehouse challenges. Whether it is in aisles or trailers, this machine can deliver in the tightest of spaces. It also gives operators back a break from manual labor, keeping them working, happy, and healthy.





Toyota Counter-Balanced Walkie Stacker:



The Toyota Counter-Balanced Walkie Stacker is a thin, highly versatile lift that complements nearly any primarily indoor application. Balanced similar to a traditional forklift and without base-legs, the Counter-Balanced Stacker can fit into tight spaces. Extraordinarily durable and budget-friendly, the Toyota Counter-Balanced Stacker can help increase both your uptime and your bottom line.





Toyota Center-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack:




The Toyota Center-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack makes long runs efficiently and provides a comfortable ride for the operator. The Center-Controlled Rider also can act as a ground-level order picker.





Reach Trucks + Order Pickers


Toyota Reach Truck:




With Toyota Reach Trucks, expanding warehouses can grow up instead of out. The 9-Series Toyota Reach Truck performs efficiently and safely. With several innovative new features coupled with the more extended run times, this machine is a leader in ergonomics and low cost of ownership. When you can reach high to several levels of warehouse racks, you efficiently use your space, leading to increases in revenue and ROI. Open up new opportunities.







Toyota 6-Series Order Picker:



The Toyota 6-Series Order Picker offers easy solutions for your order retrieval needs. With their compact engineering, our order pickers can navigate in very narrow aisles allowing for more efficient warehouse design.





Toyota 7-Series Order Picker




The Toyota 7-Series Order Picker is an excellent option for most customers in a warehouse setting. Without the need for high-level customization, the 7-Series Order Picker is ready to go to work when you need it!






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