Tips for Maintaining the Mast Hoses on Your Forklift

When operating heavy machinery, it’s always a good idea to do daily checks to keep the machine running properly. Part of that is having a basic mechanical knowledge of the internal components. When you’re training to operate a forklift, study as much as you can about the machine inside and out. Then, you’ll be able to carry out preventative maintenance every time you operate it. Here are tips for maintaining the mast hoses on your forklift to get you started.

Review and Inspection

Routine inspection is essential; it’s ensuring your forklift will continue to perform for you on a consistent basis. Part of this maintenance is getting to know all the internal parts. The hoses—such as the mast hose—are one of those crucial parts. This piece is responsible for all your hydraulic lifting that goes along with your forklift, and without it, you cannot perform your job. So, make sure you’re staying on top of this daily. If you need to replace anything, then you can always go through the manufacturer as the vendor for Toyota forklift replacement parts.

Looking for Cuts and Cracks

Look carefully when you inspect your hoses. Most of them are darkly colored. Check for cuts, gouges, breakage, or rot. If you encounter these issues, think the hose might be compromised, or anything else harmful, change the hose immediately. They’re under constant pressure and can break down very fast.

Broken Wires and Leaks

When you look at the hose, examine it from end to end. Sometimes pieces break off, so you’ll need a ruler to ensure pieces are the correct size. Additionally, there tends to be more breakage and fraying toward the ends of the hose, so you might experience things like leaks and broken wires. If you encounter an exposed wire or a leak that won’t stop, replace the hose immediately. When you’re inspecting your equipment every day, these tips for maintaining the mast hoses on your forklift is a good checklist to have on hand. These tips will ensure your forklift is kept up and running.