The Most Common Forklift Accessories

Forklifts are generally the standard in warehouses and factories when palleted resources must be moved. Forklifts are amazing because most other heavy machinery is modeled after them, and as more attachments and applications get made for forklifts, their value increases. When you read about the most common forklift accessories mentioned here, you’ll be surprised at what they can handle.

Attachments for Multiple Loads

Side shifters are an attachment made for moving loads from side to side. Both the side shifter and the multiple pallet handler have the maneuverability to move multiple pallets at once. This makes these devices an essential tool for use with forklifts. All the parts mentioned here require forklift training courses as these are technical pieces that require optimal training before use.

Parts That Increase Weight and Volume Capacity

The push and pull attachment gives forklifts the ability to increase the volume or mass they’re pushing and pulling. Likewise, paper clamps allow for the highest volume of paper to be carried all at once without integrity being sacrificed. Then there are fork extensions: they’re longer extenders for the forklift’s forks, allowing longer, heavier, and larger loads to be carried.

Forklift Accessories That Allow Maneuverability

The fork positioner attachment enables forklifts to be moved hydraulically. This takes most of the stress and pressure off a forklift and allows it to be positioned in awkward directions it usually wouldn’t be able to reach. Rotators give forklifts the ability to move in 360 degrees to position themselves however they need, so they can move multiple loads all at once from one singular position.

Your company may already have some of these pieces on deck. But as the workload increases, consider using some of these tools. They’re the most common forklift accessories and every forklift operator and their team should never be without them.