T-Matics Management System Infographic

T-Matics Management System

T-Matics is a fleet management tool that tracks and reports the operating behavior of a forklift and a forklift operator. This management system delivers essential insights about your forklift and operators to help increase uptime and profitability. Our Toyota fleet is a data-driven, comprehensive approach to fleet management. The goal is to deliver better bottom-line business performance for our customers. There are two types of T-Matics management systems: T-Matics Mobile and T-Matics Command that facilitate what gets measured and what gets managed.

T-Matics Mobile

T-Matics Mobile works for any size fleet. It is a cellular-based system ideal for forklifts that are not locked into a single location. Below are features of the T-Matics Mobile management system:

  • Great for forklifts not locked to a single location
  • Intended for any size fleet
  • Features Plug-and-play install with no IT involvement
  • Factory and field installation options
  • Electronic hour meter collection
  • Error code reporting and fleet utilization

T-Matics Command

T-Matics Command is a robust forklift and forklift operator management system that transfers data through WiFi but requires the forklifts to be locked to a single location. It is designed for a fleet of at least 15 forklifts and collects data by WiFi or iRF cellular within a designated facility. Below are advantages of the T-Matics Command management system:

  • Electronic North American Safety Standards
  • Checklists
  • Automated alerts
  • Reporting
  • Auto-calibrated impact management
  • Planned maintenance management
  • operator access control

Check out our latest infographic detailing our fleet management system.


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