Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Forklift

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Forklift

No matter the season or the conditions, forklifts need to be just as prepared to work as operators. Otherwise, frequent malfunctions and costly repairs can prevent warehouse workers from reaching their ideal productivity levels. So as we officially transition into the spring season, use these spring maintenance tips for your forklift to ensure you’re doing all you can to get your equipment ready.

Perform Complete Internal and External Inspections

The harsh cold and salt from the winter months can begin to wear away at your forklift just as they would your car. Because of this, many forklift operators start to notice more frequent forklift breakdowns during the transition into spring—especially when using outdoor models. As such, you must take the time to perform full inspections on your equipment before you clear them for use. During these inspections, make sure you check the engine, battery, tires, and even the hoses for leaks.

Regularly and Thoroughly Clean Your Forklifts

In addition to checking them for damages, you should also be regularly cleaning your forklifts to keep potential problems from developing in the future. Removing any debris and dirt from your forklift will prevent them from building up and blocking essential components of the machinery. So for the best result, make sure you’re taking care to blow out the radiator, wipe away any dirt, and remove blockages before they become issues.

Take Your Forklift in for Maintenance

Whether it’s changing the oil in the engine or fixing severe damages, you should have your forklift serviced each quarter. This process allows you to get an in-depth look at how your machine is running and give you an idea of whether you need to replace it soon. Fortunately, many dealers offer forklift repair services on the products you buy from them and will often give you a deal if you’re a returning customer.

Address Mechanical Issues Immediately

Any small malfunction can be a symptom of a more significant, more costly problem that you have to fix. Otherwise, you risk your safety and that of those around you, should the forklift malfunction. It’s for this reason that you should always address problems with your forklift immediately—no matter how small the issue might initially seem.



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