The Benefits of Electric Forklifts

In recent years, electric-powered vehicles have increasingly grown in popularity—and forklifts are no exception. While the popularity of electric-powered forklifts has increased, some warehouse managers are skeptical of the reliability, power, and expenses involved with electric forklifts. Below, we explore some key benefits of electric forklifts.

Quieter, Safer Work Environment

Unlike gas-powered forklifts, electric forklifts are significantly quieter and make for a more pleasant work environment. Warehouses can be loud enough already—that doesn’t mean your forklifts need to be. By operating quieter lift trucks, the work environment won’t be as damaging to workers’ hearing and communication will be easier—ultimately decreasing the chances of accidents happening.

Energy and Fuel Savings

Among the various benefits of electric forklifts are significant energy savings. Many people presume that charging electric forklifts is more expensive than gas or fuel, but that’s simply untrue. In fact, charging an electric forklift for an eight-hour shift only costs a few dollars on average, whereas the gas or fuel will cost at least $15. Additionally, the cost of electricity is less volatile than fuel, allowing for a more predictable expense.

Lower Maintenance Costs

While every forklift requires regular maintenance, maintenance needs and the costs of electric forklifts are lower simply because there is no engine. For example, you won’t need transmission fluids or coolants. This results in even more savings for your company in the long run. Learn how a little bit of expert battery and charger maintenance can help you get incredible longevity and minimize downtime.

Environmentally Friendly and Healthier

Because electric forklifts don’t emit fuel emissions, they are significantly more eco-friendly. This may support your company’s goals of being more eco-conscious. A byproduct of not having emissions is that your warehouse environment is healthier for everyone.

There are many more benefits of electric forklifts; they have better rear visibility, and they’re just as powerful as their petroleum-powered counterparts. In other words, changing your warehouse’s fleet to electric might make sense for your needs. Shop our selection of electric forklifts today, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts here at TMHOH to discuss whether electric forklifts will be right for your application.