Rental Purchase Options

Rental Purchase Options

Do you need a piece of equipment, but you are not in the means to buy? Have you considered looking into rental purchase options? A Rental Purchase Option allows you to apply a portion of your monthly rental payment toward your purchase of either a new or used equipment without the commitment.

Why try a Rental Purchase Option?

  • You may need a rental long-term
  • Your rental piece of equipment may turn into a permanent need
  • Your budget may be limited to consider a purchase, but you have the funds to rent

Many of our customers have special financing needs during this time. Some have suspended capital purchasing, while others have created complex purchasing decision matrices, which make the approval of capital expenditures a tough sell, despite the need for equipment. In response, we are glad to announce that we have designed an exclusive rental purchase option contract for equipment.

Any current or potential customer can now rent to own by committing to a rental rate of 3-5% of the purchase price for a minimum 12-month term, with a stipulated buyout price at the end of that term. We will apply 70%-80% of your rental payments towards the purchase price, which will then significantly reduce the need for capital requests. If, at some point, you can purchase the equipment before the 12 months, contact your account manager to buy the equipment early and terminate the rental contract.

For more information on this program, please contact one of our offices or your account manager.


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