Ready to Rent? Here’s What Comes Next.

Ready to Rent? Here’s What Comes Next.

Whether you have a limited budget or you do not have the means to purchase a forklift there are a lot of reasons to consider renting a forklift. So let’s say you have identified a need, you have found answers to the seven questions to answer before you rent, and you’re ready to pull the trigger and are ready to rent. What comes next?

  1. Research companies and find not only good products, but service you trust.

First, you’ll want to decide from whom you’re going to rent. You will likely have several choices of manufacturers from which to choose, so start by referencing your list of requirements. Which companies manufacture a lift truck that will meet all of your needs? Do they have any specialized attachments or other equipment you will need? Is there an accessible dealership nearby? Do they have inventory of the truck type you want to rent? These are all good starter questions to ask yourself.

Also, consider service as well as product availability. Does the dealership have a good reputation for taking care of its customers? Have they been around for a while? Are they certified and supported by the manufacturer? Keep in mind that these are not only the people that will be accepting your money, but also the people that may maintain the equipment you’ll rent and who deal with any issues that arise, so pick a partner you trust.

  1. Expect to show proof of substantial liability insurance and to fill out a credit application.

You have chosen a dealership and are ready to rent. It is time to talk through your rental options, but what should you expect when you arrive?

First, know that the dealer will probably insure the equipment, but you/your company will likely be responsible for any damage this powerful truck could cause, and thus you will need appropriate liability coverage. Expect that you will need to cover the operator, nearby workers, the facility and perhaps cargo you are moving in the event there are any injuries or property damage.

If you are planning to finance the rental via a credit account, you should also plan on filling out a credit application at the dealership.

  1. Read the rental agreement carefully. It is important!

You’re almost there now; you just need to sign the paperwork. Don’t rush it, though! No one really likes reading contracts… but that doesn’t make it a bad idea. This document you are given will likely include all the terms of the rental, including liability statements, how long the rental period lasts, who pays for what during the lease (such as overtime charges, vehicle damage or ongoing maintenance), and more.

If anything seems off, now is the time to talk it through. Also, once you sign, be sure to keep a copy for your records in case you need to reference it later.

Renting a forklift really is not that complicated, but it helps to know what to expect every step of the way to make sure you end up with the right truck and don’t waste your time. After all, you’re renting a life truck to improve productivity!

Still have any questions? We’re happy to help. Contact us and our experts will help provide you with the information needed, or you can start renting lift trucks today—there are only so many trucks left!


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