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PowerBoss Admiral 26

26 Disc Rider Scrubber

  • 26″ Cleaning Path
  • Solution/Recovery Tank – 27 Gallons
  • Five Position Control Panel
  • Dual Side Entry and 180 Degree View
  • Fully Variable Solution Flow Rate
  • Removable Debris Box on Cylindrical Scrub Deck
  • Two Caster Wheels Ensure Proper Squeegee Alignment
  • Turns 360 Degrees on its own axis for Exceptional Maneuverability
  • Durable Construction
  • Equipped with Aqua-Stop


The Admiral 26 is a disc rider scrubber created by PowerBoss. The admiral 26 is battery-operated and used to clean hard surface floors by utilizing a water/cleaning solution that is applied to the floor. It then is vacuumed back into the machine by way of an integrated squeegee. The sleek, compact design with dual side entry and 180 degree view provides an excellent line of sight and results in total operator comfort by focusing on ergonomics.

Unparalleled Performance

  • 27 Gallon (102 ltr) Solution Tank and 27 Gallon (102 ltr) Recovery Tank
  • Curved Break-Away Swing Rear Squeegee Assembly, 36.7" Wide
  • One Button Smart-Scrub Control
  • Variable Forward & Reverse with Automatic Retractable Squeegee in Reverse
  • 1 HP, 3-Stage Tangential Bypass Vacuum Motor
  • All Models Include Standard Right Side Shift on Scrub Decks

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Undeniable Versatility

  • Aqua-Stop System Disc Only
  • Scrub Deck Options
  • Ergonomic Design
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Parabolic Squeegee
  • Front Wheel Steer/Drive
  • Tool-Free Brush Removal Disc Only

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Uncompromising safety

  • Not Operable without battery
  • Quite Battery Drive
  • Maintenance-Free Gel Batteries
  • Exhaust-Free Fumes
  • Ergonomic design for operating comfort
  • Open operator compartment delivers excellent visibility and enhances the machines maneuverability

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Specification Chart

Model Number
Load Capacity*(lbs.)
Max Travel Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Max Lift Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Max Gradeability Full Load(%)
Basic Right Angle Stack**(IN.)

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