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PowerBoss Nautilus Hi-Dump

60" High Dumping Scrubber Sweeper

  • 60 Inch High Dump
  • Independent Squeegee and Hopper Controls
  • Heavy Duty Compact Design
  • Stainless Steel – No Corrosion, Made to Last
  • Powerful Systems Provide Powerful Performance
  • Read and React Maneuverability – Can turn around in a 9-foot aisle
  • Easy Access


The Nautilus Hi-Dump scrubber sweeper can be an exceptional value to your company. Large water capacities provide longer cleaning time, heavy duty stainless steel parts offer lower cost of ownership, and the unmatched maneuverability helps to ensure professional cleaning results that will make the difference for you.

Unparalleled Performance

  • Cleans 95,040 sq ft per hr (8,830 m2 per hr)
  • 45" (114.3 cm) Cleaning Path
  • 60" (152 cm) Path w/opt. 16" Side Scrub Brush
  • Two 45" (114 cm) Cylindrical Scrub Brushes
  • Cylindrical Scrub Brush Diameter 12" (30 cm)
  • 60" Hydraulic High Dump Hopper Standard
  • 90 Gallon (379 L) Solution Tank
  • 90 Gallon (379 L) Recovery Tank
  • Solution/Recovery Tank Warning Lights
  • Cylindrical Wet Sweep Scrub System
  • Auto Shutdown ( High Temp / Low Oil ) Std Gas/LPG
  • Rotomolded Hopper with Stainless Steel Bottom Standard
  • Gasoline, Diesel or LP Powered
  • Radiator, Industrial Heavy-Duty
  • Parking Brake ( standard )
  • Forward Speed 7.7 mph (12.8 km/h)
  • Reverse up to 4 mph (4.8 km/h)
  • Heavy Duty Air Cleaner

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Undeniable Versatility

  • Used for removing dirt, dust and debris in an outdoor/indoor evironment
  • Air-Moving System
  • Ergonomics System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Multi-Level Hopper Dump System
  • Drive-Train System
  • Chassis System
  • Environmental Friendly Features
  • Lower Emissions

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Uncompromising Safety

  • Highly Visible Machines
  • Equipped with a horn and effective Braking System
  • Backup Alarm
  • Overhead Guard
  • Safety Lights
  • Fire Extinguisher

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Specification Chart

Model Number
Load Capacity*(lbs.)
Max Travel Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Max Lift Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Max Gradeability Full Load(%)
Basic Right Angle Stack**(IN.)

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