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Toyota Large Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

6,000 lb. Capacity Pallet Jack

  • Cold Conditioning Package
  • Electronic Coast Control Option
  • 144-Inch Fork Option
  • 6,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Regenerative Braking
  • AC Drive Motor

Toyota’s Large Electric Walkie Pallet Jack efficiently moves heavy loads throughout your facility. Whether you are loading and unloading a trailer, transporting a load around your facility, or moving heavy equipment, the Large Electric Pallet Jack can handle it.

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  • Multifunction control handle with ergonomically angled hand grips
  • Dual thumb wheels with twist grips for directional control and travel speed
  • Fingertip control of lift, lower and horn functions
  • Low-effort control handle


  • 6,000 lb capacity
  • 24-Volt electrical system
  • 6


  • AC drive motor (no brushes or commutator)
  • One-piece, lightweight service access cover
  • Teflon


  • Controller Area Network (CAN-bus) communications
  • Welded construction with reinforced heavy-duty bumper
  • Powder-coat paint finish
  • Box rail fork construction
  • Steel bulkhead wrappers
  • Forged rectangular steel tension rods
  • Heavy-duty bushings and pins
  • Solid trail fork casting
  • Tapered fork tips with pallet entry slides
  • Four-point lift linkage
  • High-strength polymer service cover
  • Rubber drive tire
  • Polyurethane load wheels with steel hubs
  • Hall-effect switches


  • Wrap-around hand guard
  • Spring-loaded control handle
  • Directional reverse switch on control handle
  • Runaway protection
  • Side stabilizing steel bars
  • Electronic horn


  • Galvanized Chassis - Suited for customers who move materials in and out of: cold storage facilities; chemical and salt and brine industries; or in areas where frequent wash down is required to remove contaminants.
  • Electronic Travel Alarm (Forward & Reverse) - This option provides an alarm that activates on forward and reverse travel.
  • Pallet Entry/Exit Rollers - Option replaces the standard pallet entry/exit slides with durable hard polymer pallet entry/exit rollers.
  • Electronic Touch-Pad, Keyless Entry System with Password Protection - An electronic touch-pad located on the multifunction control handle.
  • Dual Tandem Load Wheels (3.25" x 2") - Option replaces the standard single polyurethane load wheels with "Double Boggie" style load wheels.
  • Heavy Duty Load Wheels (Vulkollan) - Resists internal heat build-up and can withstand the abuse of high-speed, long runs and heavy loads.

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Specification Chart

Model Number
Load Capacity*(lbs.)
Max Travel Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Max Lift Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Max Gradeability Full Load(%)
Basic Right Angle Stack**(IN.)
Load Capacity 6000 Max Travel Speed 3.7 Max Lift Speed Max Gradeability Full Load 10 Basic Right Angle Stack 81.2

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One Powerful Machine, Two Versatile Options

Hand Pallet Jack with Nylon Wheels

  • Built tough for industrial conditions
  • Resistant to damage from debris and spills
  • Ideal for backroom and receiving operations

Hand Pallet Jack with Polyurethane Wheels

  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • No damage to storefront floors
  • Ideal for customer-facing operations