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Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

4,500 lb. Capacity Pallet Jack

  • Click-to-Creep Function
  • 500-Hour Service Intervals
  • AC Drive Motor
  • Up to 4,500 lb. Capacity
  • Pinwheel in Trailers
  • Anti-Rollback System

Toyota’s Electric Pallet Jack delivers in the tightest of spaces, whether it is aisles or trailers. Built with an all-new AC drive motor, the electric walkie pallet jack operates smoother and more efficiently than ever before. With features such as a no-tools-required cover and specially designed battery case, this electric pallet jack is easy to maintain.

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  • Multifunction Control Handle with Ergonomically Angled Hand Grips
  • Fingertip Control of all Functions
  • Directional Thumb Wheels
  • Programmable Neutral Speed Reduction
  • Direction Reverse Switch on Control Handle
  • Turtle Torque
  • Spring-Loaded Control Handle
  • "Pinwheel" Capability for Right Angle Stacking
  • Electric Disc Brake
  • Emergency Power Disconnect
  • Battery Disconnect Handle
  • Electronic Brake Release Jumper

Body and Exterior Design

  • Box Rail Fork Construction
  • Tapered Fork Tips with Pallet Entry Slides
  • Polyethylene Stability Wear Pads (Reversible)
  • Teflon Coated Polylube™ Bushings
  • Chrome-Plated Lift Cylinder, 2" dia.
  • Rubber Drive Tire, 10" dia. x 5"
  • Polyurethane Load Wheels, 3.25" diameter x 4.5" width
  • Battery Compartment 26.5" x 7.8" x Open Height
  • SB-175 Battery Connector (Red)
  • High Strength Service Cover with Pen/Pencil Storage Tray
  • Tool-free cover removal
  • Steel Fixed Pull Rods
  • Electric Horn
  • Stainless steel lift linkage pins


  • Galvanized Chassis - Suited for customers who move materials in and out of: cold storage facilities; chemical and salt and brine industries; or in areas where frequent wash down is required to remove contaminants.
  • Nexsys Maintenance Free Battery/Charger Pack - A maintenance free battery pack manufactured by the company Nexsys. Comes with a built in 24 volt battery charger.
  • 3" Lowered Fork Height (3,000 lb capacity) - The lowered fork height makes it easier to get into pallets (more clearance with a shorter fork). With this option, the carrying capacity of the pallet jack drops to 3,000 lbs.
  • Sealed-Bearing Dual Load Wheels - Sealed bearing dual load wheels use a sealed bearing which make them maintenance free (no need to grease). Dual wheels help in applications where turning is frequent.


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Specification Chart

Model Number
Load Capacity*(lbs.)
Max Travel Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Max Lift Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Max Gradeability Full Load(%)
Basic Right Angle Stack**(IN.)
Load Capacity 4500 Max Travel Speed 3.6 Max Lift Speed Max Gradeability Full Load 10 Basic Right Angle Stack

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