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Toyota Center-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack

6,000 - 8,000 lb. Capacity Rider Pallet Jack

  • Up to 103-Inch Fork Option
  • 6,000 – 8,000 lb. Capacity
  • AC Drive Motor
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Cold Conditioning Package Option

The Toyota Center-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack makes long runs efficiently and provides a comfortable ride for the operator. The Center-Controlled Rider also can act as a ground-level order picker.

Rent Center-Controlled Pallet Jack

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  • Multifunction control handle with ergonomically angled hand grips
  • Dual thumb wheels with twist grips for directional control and travel speed
  • Fingertip control of lift, lower and horn functions
  • High-speed interlock
  • Dual hand brake levers
  • Adjustable height control handle (3-Positions)
  • Low-effort control handle
  • Bubble-cushioned operator floor mat, padded backrest and knee pad
  • Walk-through operator compartment
  • Low platform step height


  • 6,000 & 8,000 lb capacity
  • Regenerative braking
  • On/off key switch
  • 24-Volt electrical system
  • Programmable performance parameters
  • Lift limit switch
  • 6


  • Controller Area Network (CAN-bus) communications
  • Welded construction with reinforced heavy-duty bumper
  • Powder-coat paint finish
  • Box rail fork construction
  • Steel bulkhead wrappers
  • Forged rectangular steel tension rods
  • Heavy-duty bushings and pins
  • Solid trail fork castings
  • Tapered fork tips with pallet entry slides
  • Four-point lift linkage
  • High-strength polymer service cover
  • Fiberglass reinforced rubber drive tire
  • Polyurethane load wheels with steel hubs
  • Hall-effect switches
  • 48" load backrest extension


  • AC drive motor (no brushes or commutator)
  • Self-adjusting electric disc brake
  • One-piece, lightweight service access cover
  • Teflon coated PolylubeTM lift linkage bushings (maintenance free)
  • Error indicator with self-diagnostics


  • Wrap-around hand guard
  • Polyurethane torsion block stabilizing casters
  • Electronic horn


  • Heavy Duty Load Wheels (Vulkollan) - Resists internal heat build-up and can withstand the abuse of high-speed, long runs and heavy loads.
  • Dual Tandem Load Wheels (3.25" x 2") - Option replaces the standard single polyurethane load wheels with "Double Boggie" style load wheels.
  • Storage Tray with Clip Board, Load Backrest Mounted - An ABS plastic tray designed to carry pens, markers, tape, utility knife, paperwork and other various work materials.
  • Battery Compartment Rollers with Dual Side Gates - Option provides rollers at the bottom of the battery compartment and dual side gates. Allows the battery to be rolled out from either right or left hand side of the truck.
  • Lubrication Package For Pivot Points (Grease Fittings) - Option replaces the standard maintenance free Teflon coated PolylubeTM bushings at the lift linkage pivot points with greaseable bushings (grease fittings).


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Specification Chart

Model Number
Load Capacity*(lbs.)
Max Travel Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Max Lift Speed(Full Load(MPH))
Max Gradeability Full Load(%)
Basic Right Angle Stack**(IN.)
Load Capacity 6000 Max Travel Speed 6.2 Max Lift Speed Max Gradeability Full Load 10 Basic Right Angle Stack 98.8
Load Capacity 8000 Max Travel Speed 6.2 Max Lift Speed Max Gradeability Full Load 10 Basic Right Angle Stack 142

What Is Toyota 360 Support?

The Toyota 360 Promise

Want to make sure your Toyota keeps running like…well, a Toyota. That’s where the Toyota 360 support plan makes a difference for your company. It’s designed to save you money on forklift service, save you downtime, and save you headaches. Toyota 360 support provides full-circle maintenance for your forklift fleet.