PowerBoss Cleaning Equipment

PowerBoss has been manufacturing a full line of rugged industrial power cleaning equipment in Aberdeen, North Carolina since 1985. Its innovative design features along with cost-effective technology have proven why PowerBoss industrial sweepers and scrubbers are the top of the industry.

Industrial Power Floor Cleaning has never been so easy

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PowerBoss has partnered with Multi-Clean to create a special floor cleaning package to stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of all hard surface customers.

All new scrubber orders will include a One-Step Disinfectant Germicidal Detergent (EPA approved registration No. 47371-129-5499), called the 256 Century Q. 256 Centry Q is a no-rinse neutral pH disinfectant solution that treats 1,000,000 sq.ft. per month. The solution is free until the end of 2020 with a purchase of a PowerBoss Scrubber.

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Rent Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Might not be interested in purchasing? No problem, our PowerBoss Industrial Floor Cleaning Equipment is available to rent.


• Available to rent by Day, Week and Month
• Lower upfront cost
• Excellent solution for businesses with short-term need, limited deadlines or during busy seasons
• Can qualify as an operational expense; using a rental to offset taxable income may be beneficial when compared to purchasing an asset that will depreciate over time
• We deliver all our equipment directly to you with no hassle
• We respond rapidly to all requests to ensure timely delivery

It’s time for you to set the tone! Industrial floor power cleaning has never been so efficient, simple and safe since PowerBoss. PowerBoss is a division of three companies manufacturing a full line of maintenance products, including Minuteman critical air vacuums, industrial and commercial vacuums, sweepers and scrubbers, floor and carpet machines and multi-clean chemicals for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

Experience the PowerBoss Difference

You now have the opportunity to purchase PowerBoss equipment at Toyota Material Handling Ohio (TMHOH). We offer a full product-line featuring rider sweepers, scrubbers, combination sweepers-scrubbers and chemicals.

When you purchase PowerBoss equipment you are not just purchasing power cleaning equipment. You are partnering with a smart and reliable company, who creates a high-quality product with a strong commitment to being environmentally friendly. PowerBoss is an innovative, supportive and customer-driven company, and together we will strive to provide excellent customer service and support!

Markets We Serve

• Manufacturing
• Distribution & Warehousing
• Food & Beverage
• Recreation & Entertainment
• Trucking Companies
• Landscapers, Contract Sweepers
• Used Equipment
• Garbage Collection & Recycling
• Utilities
• Hospitals, Colleges & School Districts
• Parking
• Shopping Malls
• Federal & Local Government
• Construction, Property Management

The Power of Clean


• Innovative Solutions
• High Quality Components
• Effective and Efficient
• Strong Commitment to the Environment
• Customer-Driven

PowerBoss equipment prides itself on understanding the wants and needs of the industry and being able to provide innovative solutions. With this in mind, we offer the Aqua-Stop System, maintenance free gel batteries, on-board chargers, simplified controls and many other advancements that support our customers and the green movement. We are excited and proud to be a PowerBoss dealer.