Our TMHOH Bracket Challenge Winners!

5 Rounds | 5 Prizes

Congratulations to all our winners of our #TMHOHBracket19 Tournament Challenge! We hope you had a lot of fun playing our bracket challenge for your company.

TMHOH Bracket Challenge Winners!

March madness came and went, but we hope you had fun participating in our TMHOH tournament challenge. We want to thank everyone who participated in our challenge. We had well over 50 companies throw a bracket in with the chance to win some prices.  Below are all our TMHOH Bracket Challenge winners who may have had a little luck this March… Congratulations!

Grand Prize – Free 1 Week Rental of Any Toyota Forklift, Excluding the THD Model

• Champion Winner – HGR Industrial Surplus

5th Round Prize – Free PM’s for a Year

• Winner – North Star BlueScope Steel LLC

4th Round Prize – Receive a Free Hand Pallet Truck

• Winner – ODW Logistics, Inc.

3rd Round Prize – Receive a Free Operator Training Class for up to 10 Operators

• Winner – AMG Industries

2nd Round Prize – Receive a $100 Service Credit

•  Winner – Advanced Polymer Coatings, Inc.

1st Round Prize – Receive a TMHOH Swag Box

• Winner – AMG Industries

Thank you to everyone who participated in our bracket challenge. We look forward to providing a similar challenge next year!



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