OSHA Guidelines for Operating an Order Picker Forklift

Order picker forklifts revolutionized the world of material handling. Because these forklifts elevate the operator with the load itself, it is simple to load and unload pallets and packages even in narrow aisles. But to get the most of this technology, it’s facilities must follow OSHA guidelines for operating an order picker forklift.

Training Standards

OSHA has standards to ensure that operators of all forklifts are equipped with the know-how to operate their vehicles safely. This includes order picker forklifts. OSHA guidelines state that an experienced operator should conduct training and cover necessary topics, including:

  • Types of lift vehicles
  • Warning lights
  • Steering and maneuvering
  • Engine and motor operation
  • Fork attachment
  • Vehicle stability
  • Load Capacity
  • Maintenance
  • Refueling or battery charging
  • Pedestrian traffic

For a complete list, visit OSHA guidelines part 1910.

Worker Safety Precautions

Because operators are also being lifted on order picker forklifts, OSHA has specifications to prevent falls. The platform must have a slip-resistant floor and come with a guardrail, especially when elevated. OSHA also strongly recommends the use of safety harnesses; however, they are not technically a requirement.

Lift Height and Travel Recommendations

When an order picker platform is in an elevated position, it is at greater risk of a tip-over. This is especially true if the forklift is in motion. To reduce the risk of falls, the OSHA operating guidelines for order picker forklifts state that if a forklift platform is elevated higher than 152 inches, it should not travel. The only exception to this rule is if a forklift is wire-guided, within safety rails, or the operator is pressing the constant pressure inching button.

Workplace Standards

Along with the forklift itself, OSHA has recommendations for the area surrounding the forklift. They recommend guardrails and electronic guidance systems to prevent collisions, especially in areas where there are multiple types of forklifts traveling. OSHA also requires that materials placed on shelves be secure and that the aisle remain free of clutter and other trip hazards.

Using order picker forklifts safely and effectively will allow your business to get the most out of its machinery. Our Toyota forklift rental services are available to help you select the best order picker forklift for your facility.