Noteworthy Signs You Need Forklift Repair

No matter how reliable a piece of machinery may be, it’s important to remember that it can still malfunction. Despite its heavy and frequent use, forklifts are no different. Over time, their parts can wear away and break, making them unusable for essential workday tasks. To ensure that your forklifts are in the best working shape, look out for these signs, you need a forklift repair.

Activated Warning Lights

Like with cars, all forklifts are equipped with warning lights that activate when the internal sensors register a malfunction. These lights typically appear on the dashboard and are designed to alert you when the machine needs maintenance. As such, ignoring these signals can cause the problems to worsen and, ultimately, result in the machine breaking down.

Broken Forklift Blades

A forklift’s blades are crucial to lift and balance portions of a warehouse task. When damaged, these blades can’t fully support what they’re carrying, and the forklift could lose control of the load. If you suspect that your forklift’s blades broken, inspect them for cracks, bends, and unevenness.

Defective Forklift Mast

The forklift mast is responsible for lowering and raising loads into position. Since these parts require the most movement and weight management, they’re often likely to break under pressure. When broken, forklift masts fail to raise and lower properly—possibly signified by delayed or sudden movements.

Dirty Filters

The forklift filters keep the air, oil, and fuel clean enough to not cause damage as they flow through the machine. However, when left unchanged, these filters can gather enough contaminants to restrict the flow of these materials. Consuming unfiltered resources can begin to take its toll on the forklift’s parts, leaving a harsh residue and preventing them from running efficiently.

If you need a qualified and professional forklift repair service, reach out to Toyota Material Handling Ohio. Our trained experts will effectively diagnose your forklift’s problem and work quickly to get it fixed and back to work.



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