Kaizen Continuous Improvement (Infographic)

Kaizen Continuous Improvement

Check out the infographic below learn more about the core value.

The philosophy of Kaizen is one of Toyota’s core values. It means “continuous improvement.” No process can ever be declared perfect, but it can always be improved. Kaizen continuous improvement was first practiced in Japanese businesses after the Second World War, and since has spread throughout the world.

Kaizen is a culture that embodies Toyota. It provides team members with the responsibility to improve operations, set goals/objectives, and create innovative processes to further the quality and morale of the company. It creates a culture where all employees work together to achieve incremental improvements to the manufacturing process proactively.

From the CEO to the Assembly Lineworkers, every employee shares the same responsibility to improve all functions and operations for the company continuously.

Here is an example of Kaizen template:

  1. Set goals and provide any necessary background
  2. Review the current state and develop a plan for improvements
  3. Implement improvements
  4. Review and fix what doesn’t work
  5. Report results and determine any follow-up items


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