How Toyota Forklift’s System of Active Stability (SAS) Works

How System of Active Stability (SAS) Works

Toyota engineers have developed a dynamic system comprised of 10 sensors, 3 actuators and a controller which is made to protect the driver, load and surrounding environment from accidents. This system is called Toyota’s System of Active Stability, or in other words SAS.

SAS protects your operators in four ways:

  1. When a 4-wheel forklift informs the controller that the forklift could potentially become unstable, the hydraulic swing lock cylinder instantly changes the stability footprint from a triangular shape to a rectangular shape. This increases the stability and reduces the risk of lateral overturn.
  2. When dealing with a 3-wheel forklift, SAS controls excessive speeds when the driver is cornering. Cornering is when a user turns forklift abruptly while maintaining a fast speed. The SAS reduces the speed and overrides the manual controls by limiting the driver’s speed.
  3. The Front Tilt Angle Control monitors the load height and mast position while the operator is dealing with high and heavy loads. The SAS automatically limits the forward tilt angle of the mast for better load control. This feature decreases the chance of a forklift tipping forward (longitudinally) or dropping the load.
  4. The Rear Tilt Speed Control limits the mast’s back tilt speed depending on the height of the load. This feature reduces the risk for dropped loads and productively handles heavy loads at extreme heights. Without SAS the mast would reach its maximum backward angle abruptly and cause the load to slip backwards over the mast.

SAS helps make Toyota lift trucks the number 1 safest forklift on the market. Watch how this remarkable system works and is used to keep operators safe.

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