How to Tell When a Forklift Needs Service

Signs Your Forklift Needs Service

Forklifts are a common sight in many industries. Whether used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail applications, construction sites, or elsewhere, forklifts are a crucial tool in the daily operations of most businesses. Which is why it’s essential to know when your forklifts are getting close to needing service. Especially when it comes to managing your costs effectively. Just because your forklifts are running doesn’t mean they are doing so safely. Many developing maintenance issues transpire daily. So, how do you tell when your forklift needs service? Here are some easy signs to look out for:

Check your Forks

If your forks are worn, cracked, or bent, then look into getting the truck serviced. Damaged forks can lead to damaged loads, accidents, injuries, and financial costs. Take your lift out of service immediately and check the forks. Replacement forks can be found available at your local Toyota dealer.

A Stuck Mast

We have all seen it at some point. The mast jerks or catches when moving up or down. If you are experiencing this, this isn’t normal. The problem could range from your forklift not having enough hydraulic fluid to several damaged parts. The mast should function smoothly. If it is catching or getting stuck while moving, then you may need to lubricate the mast surface and fittings. Failure to address this in an early stage could cause expensive problems and potentially permanent damage to your mast. If the lubrication does not work, we recommend contacting a local service department.

Damage to your Chain

Is the chain worn, kinked, or rusted? If so, there is a possibility that your chain is damaged. When a chain gets ruined, it causes chain failure, which can damage the forklift or other components on the forklift. It’s essential to check the chain for any weak spots, such as link plates, pinheads, and any elongation of the chain. If you see any of these signs, it means your chain is damaged, and the forklift needs service.

Leaking Oil

Your forklift can leave a visible trail of oil on the floor. If so, check both the internal and external parts of the truck for leaks. There may be an issue with the cylinder assembly or seals, and they may need to be replaced to control the problem. An oil leak can cause hazards for both forklifts and pedestrians. Less oil means it is more difficult to lubricate the mast when extended, and the increased friction and temperature are likely to destroy parts of the forklift. It’s best to address any issue before it leads to significant repairs and employee injuries.

Here are eight more warning signs that your forklift needs service

  1. Rough idling during acceleration – May require a tune-up
  2. Slow hydraulic or mechanical response when using the lift, tilt or attachment functions
  3. High emissions such as white, blue, or black smoke originating from the exhaust. Also, a strong odor may indicate high emissions
  4. Inconsistent brakings, such as brake squealing or brake locking
  5. A rough ride – the tires may require replacement due to uneven wear and tear
  6. Cracked or brittle hoses
  7. Engine turns slowly – May need a new battery, starter or alternator
  8. Engine temperature exceeding normal operating heat range

Protect yourself and your employees. Use a service inspection sheet every day to prevent big headaches, and if your forklift needs service. Please contact your nearest Toyota Dealer!


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