How To Take Care of a Forklift Battery Well

It’s straightforward to keep track of your forklift while at work. However, it can become a huge undertaking if you don’t carefully monitor and consistently care for the forklift. Having a basic understanding of how batteries work generally will help you maintain the life of your vehicle while on the job. Having the ability to work independently will allow you to grasp how to take care of a forklift battery well at all times while on the job.

Have a Plan

Before ever touching the engine or battery, have a plan of action. Get things in order so that you don’t wind up spending unnecessary time on your machine and away from the job. Practicing what to look for and performing daily checks will ensure that you maintain your forklift for any task, great or small.

Routine Maintenance

The most important thing to understand about a battery is its lifecycle. You can determine this by your approach to taking care of it and how it operates. If it will only hold a partial charge, it’s on the way out. You will need to check the cells daily for the right level of water that helps hold that charge. If your battery is ever outside the range of a safe temperature—anything under 113 degrees Fahrenheit—you’ll be fine. However, even being close to this number could affect your battery. So, stay aware of that.

Safety Is Everything

If you ever find your unit overheating, immediately turn it off and let it cool down to access the situation. Safety comes first when operating any machinery. The preservation of your forklift will also require that you make routine checks to prevent the stratification of the battery. This is where the sulfuric acid collects at the bottom of the battery and prevents it from holding a charge.

On the opposite end, when batteries sit up too long, they can corrode, and the acid may leak out. This can start a fire or potentially harm an employee. Look out for yourself first and protect yourself with OSHA-approved safety gear while on the job or working on the engine’s internals. And when all other options have been exhausted, you can always reference Toyota Material Handling Ohio, a Toyota forklift parts dealer in Ohio, for suggestions and references. We can also provide components to help you keep your forklift functioning.

Whatever you do, you should always keep a close eye on your forklift to ensure that your unit is in good condition. You should always have a working knowledge of how to fix it properly. More importantly, you’re likely to run into problems with your battery more frequently than anything else. So, it’s a wise idea to know how to take care of a forklift battery well when times get tough.