How To Protect Your Forklift From Cold Weather

When the seasons change and it becomes colder outside, we generally tend to huddle indoors to keep from freezing. Shivering and layering are tactics that humans often use to stay warm, whether by choice or pure instinct.

Well, just as humans incorporate these tricks, so do machines when we apply the same techniques. Here are some unique ways to protect your forklift from cold weather and keep your machine operating as perfectly as it does in other seasons of the year.

Perform Preventative Care

Sometimes, the most obvious things are also the most important. Conduct basic care by covering your machine after hours with a tarp or specialized cover that will keep it from the elements and the cold; this will protect it during the winter weather. Additionally, if you have tire chains installed, you will be ready for any icy and snowy conditions that may present themselves. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Stay Warm

It’s always a good idea to warm yourself up before ever doing any kind of physical activity, as it will help prevent injury. Much like how people must stretch and warm up, so too must machines warm up before being put to use. This prevents any damage to their internal parts and prevents you from using too much fuel or needing to have parts repaired from not properly having been warmed up.

Stay Tuned

Halfway through the season, it will be good to continue to do your regular routine maintenance. If you make checks immediately before and after your shifts, you should be able to keep your machines in good repair for the foreseeable future.

However, one thing remains that puts preventative maintenance at the top of your priority list—having a full tune-up done on your vehicle. This means checking and recharging your fluids, checking tire pressure, tread depth, and the ignition switch, and maintaining the seals. You might want to take your vehicle to your Toyota forklift dealer in Ohio for this type of service.

After you have checked, replaced, and completed these tasks, you should have a highly functioning forklift that will last all winter long. Operating a forklift in frigid temperatures can be challenging and even crippling, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Hopefully, you now have the know-how to protect your forklift from cold weather.