How to Properly Care for Your Forklift Battery

How to Properly Care for Your Forklift Battery

When you work in the warehousing industry, your forklift is an essential tool to complete your tasks. However, despite their durability, forklifts are delicate pieces of machinery that need proper care to remain operational. This mainly includes its batteries. Faulty or damaged batteries can make for an unreliable forklift and put an obstacle in the way of your work. Learn how to care for your forklift battery and keep operations running efficiently.

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Top Tips For Properly Caring for Your Forklift Battery

Charge Only When Necessary

Though it may be tempting to charge your forklift throughout your shift, this will only serve to shorten the battery’s lifespan. Upon installation, batteries have a designated number of charging cycles before they’ll burn out or no longer hold a charge. It’s because of this that intermittingly plugging it in can use up parts of these lifecycles and ultimately reduce the battery’s usefulness. To better understand when to charge your forklift, check out our How to Equalize a Charge on your Forklift Battery.

Don’t Overly Discharge the Battery

It’s also essential that you aren’t letting your battery drain for too long. Excessive depletion of the battery can cause damage to the electrical wirings. This can result in irreversible harm to the battery and ultimately shorten its overall life. Many professionals recommend charging a forklift battery after it depletes by 20 or 30 percent to protect it.

Clean the Battery Regularly

Along with regular maintenance, you must be cleaning the battery to prevent corrosion and hard sulfation build-up. These things can interfere with the battery’s functioning and make it less effective long-term. When cleaning this sensitive piece of equipment, be sure that you’re only using soapy water on the external cartridge.

Check Battery Fluid Levels

You should also include a brief fluid check with your regular battery maintenance to ensure that it’s conducting correctly. In a stable battery, the water level should sit a half-inch below the battery’s cap. This keeps it high enough to remain useful but not so high that it’s likely to spill over. If you need to add water to the battery, only use de-ionized water that has a pH between five and seven for the best results.

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