How to Prepare Your Forklift for the Summer

How to Prepare Your Forklift for the Summer

In the warehousing industry, there’s no such thing as a summer break. Regardless of the temperature outside, sales are still being made, and, as such, you must process and ship goods. Because of this, workers need to adopt extra precautions to protect themselves from extreme temperatures. However, it’s also important to remember that warehouse employees aren’t the only ones who need to be protected from the heat. Their forklift equipment is also at a particularly high risk of breaking down during this time of year. So, to keep everything running efficiently this season, here are some tips to learn on how to prepare your forklift for the summer.

Care for Your Engine

Just like we can get sick when our bodies overheat, forklift engines can ultimately fail if they aren’t adequately prepared and protected from the increased temperatures. The heat can cause several setbacks for your forklifts’ engine and prevent employees from finishing their work. As such, you must take the time to check your engine for damage. This process involves performing a thorough inspection of the engine components for cracking, changing the oil, and filling it with the proper level of coolant.

Inspect All Moving Parts

Make sure you take a closer look at any of the forklift’s moving parts—such as the internal fan blades and belts. These parts experience the most friction while the machine is in motion, and, as such, they can also sustain the most significant damage over long periods. So, in getting your forklift ready for the summer season, ensuring that these items are in working condition is key to preventing performance problems.

Keep Battery Fluids Level

Another part of preparing your forklift for the summer is making sure that the battery is connected correctly and contains the proper fluid levels. Batteries are especially prone to failure in the summer due to the increased evaporation rate of the water, keeping it cool. If too much liquid evaporates, batteries can easily overheat, and the energy will quickly drain. Because of this, you must regularly check your battery fluid and replenish it with distilled water as it gets low.

If you need additional advice on how to protect your forklift from the hazardous summer conditions, reach out to Toyota Material Handling Ohio. As the leading Toyota forklift dealer in Ohio, it’s important to us that each of our customers know how to take care of their equipment best. In providing you with this knowledge, we hope that you not only get the most out of using our forklifts but that you also get the means to make them last.



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