How Important is Watering a Forklift Battery

How Important is Watering a Forklift Battery

Keeping forklifts running is essential to keeping your facility running, and keeping forklift batteries running is essential to keeping forklifts running. A crucial part of maintaining forklift batteries is making sure you water them appropriately. We have discussed a crash course in watering batteries on our blog before, but we haven’t taken the time to discuss the importance of watering a forklift battery. We would like to rectify that situation now.

Why Do Forklift Batteries Need Water?

Like other batteries, forklift batteries function through a chemical reaction. In every individual chamber of the battery, there is a mixture of sulfuric acid and water. This mixture contains electrolytes, which contain an electric charge that can produce energy when met with the battery’s metal plates. If any of these key ingredients (the sulfuric acid, the water, or the metal plates) are compromised, it could cause serious problems.

Why Is Watering a Battery Correctly Important?

Not properly watering a forklift battery can pose serious problems to the lifespan of the battery. Not having enough water exposes the metal plates to dry air, which can cause permanent damage to the battery. Overwatering a forklift battery can also cause problems, as it can cause water to overflow from the battery cells. This can cause the battery to lose some of the other key ingredients, specifically sulfuric acid. All of this reduces your battery’s lifespan by as much as half and reduces how long a battery can last before you must recharge it.

Forklift Watering Best Practice

Users should check fluid levels on their electric forklifts regularly, and water them at least once a week or at every charging. Watering should take place after you have charged the forklift, not before, and should only be done after the battery has completely cooled. Anyone who waters a forklift battery should also wear the proper PPE to protect themselves from any splashback from the sulfuric acid.

When it comes to forklift batteries, the importance of watering a forklift battery cannot be overstated. And when it comes to maintenance for all your lift truck parts, Toyota Material Handling Ohio has you covered, from batteries to tires.



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