Hoppecke Industrial Batteries

What are Hoppecke Industrial Batteries?

Hoppecke Batteries Inc. is the largest producer of industrial battery systems in European ownership. For almost 90 years they have been an expert and partner for energy solutions developing the latest innovative storage technologies. Hoppecke develops batteries for four different applications:

  1. Trak – Emission-free motive power drives
  2. Grid – Reserve power supply
  3. Sun – Regenerative energy storage
  4. Rail – Railway and metro-system storage

Trak is the main application in which affects the manufacturing industry. From batteries for forklift trucks to mobile energy storage systems, Hoppecke provides electrical energy where it is needed. Hoppecke industrial batteries use flooded, lead-acid cells for forklifts and AGV applications called Systemizers. This technology powers commercial vehicles, buses, boats, forklifts, ships, aircraft tuggers, wheelchairs, and leisure vehicles.

Hoppecke industrial batteries are more than just a supplier of electrical drive systems, they also provide energy. From electric forklift trucks and warehouse equipment to towing vehicles in areas such as incoming and outgoing goods, order picking and storage, Hoppecke tailors their products to the specific requirements of their customers.

At Toyota Material Handling Ohio, we are proud to announce we are the official distributors of Hoppecke Industrial Batteries. With the use of Hoppecke industrial batteries, our partnership will only help increase our value of Toyota forklifts.

Working with Hoppecke, you can count on creating efficient advantages with your equipment fleet. Whether you are Individually programming your entire vehicle fleet, installing services for turnkey charging stations or increasing productivity with automatic battery charging systems, Hoppecke will ensure maximum system and energy availability for your lifts.

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