Want more comfort for your forklift? Try Full Suspension Air Ride Seats

Want more comfort for your forklift? Try Full Suspension Air Ride Seats

Benefits of Full Suspension Air Ride Seats

Seats can be overlooked during the process of purchasing a new or used forklift, but that does not mean they are any less important. According to Dr. Eric Wood, Occupational Medicine Director at the University of Utah, 75% of truck operators in the country suffer from lower back pain. A proper seat on your forklift can be the difference between an injured or fatigued operator and a reliable or invigorated operator. When you discuss seats with the people who operate the equipment every day, they will always tell you it is all about the comfort and durability. Full Suspension Air Ride Seats are the most comfortable and innovative seats to have on a forklift. Today, an Air Ride Seat is not just a luxury item, but instead a necessary forklift part because it provides ultimate comfort, efficiency and durability.

Many forklifts are outfitted with mechanical (standard) suspension seating. Standard suspension may be satisfactory for most terrain conditions and mid-size operators. However, they are not built to hold as much weight and lack a pneumatic system, which provides protection from shock and vibration. That is where the Air Ride Suspension seat has its advantage – it is suitable for most operator sizes and weights, any terrain and includes shock absorber tuning.


Shock and Vibration Protection – Air Ride Suspension seats provide protection for shock and vibration, which allow operators to work full workdays to their maximum potential, minimizing negative effects to their health. The operators experience less stress on their spine, neck and lower back. The seats provide a smooth, vibration-free environment.

Minimized Vibrations – Air Pressure seats can be adjusted to provide full up-and-down and lateral dampening motion and vibration. The seats can handle varying sizes and weights of operators. They contain shock absorber tuning that can minimize vibration across rough terrain and maintain constant force over the full length of travel.

Smoother operations – Technology improvements have been made in areas such as greater load capacity, comfort and functionality. Isolation systems have been developed to efficiently improve shock absorber strokes and smoother operations. Suspension rollers have also been refined to decrease the amount of friction for the adjusters.

Durability and Stability – Full Suspension Air Ride Seats have far fewer moving parts. The parts are better aligned to reduce free play and provide a wide suspension system. The wide suspension offers a broader space and base making it even more stable.


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