Forklifts & Pedestrian Safety Infographic

Pedestrian Safety Infographic

Our pedestrian safety infographic provides the best tips to keep you safe around forklifts. Pedestrian safety is more than just “common sense.” In fact, one of the greatest misconceptions about pedestrian safety is that the key is “common sense.” Using good judgment is crucial, but it is not enough to protect yourself from forklifts.

When you step out onto a crosswalk you are under the assumption that an approaching automobile will accommodate your crossing, and it usually does. So a forklift works the same way right? No! Many think “even if there is a forklift coming, it will stop for me. It’s not a big deal.” A lot of times operators might not see you or can see you too late and not provide the forklift enough time to adequately stop. Per OHSA, there are about 95,000 forklift accidents annually, and 20,000 results in injury. Of those 20,000 there is an average of 100 fatalities a year.

Following these tips and training will help ensure you have a safe workplace moving forward.

Forklifts & Pedestrian Safety Infographic

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