What Forklift Tires & Options Do I Need?

What Forklift Tires & Options Do I need?

Toyota provides a variety of options for your forklift. Depending on your specific application, some options may provide additional safety benefits for your workplace.

Tire Options

Forklift TiresForklift tires are available in three types: Cushion, Solid Pneumatic and Air Pneumatic.

  1. Cushion Tires – Composed of solid rubber and directly pressed onto the wheel. They sit lower to the ground and offer a smaller turning radius, which provides an advantage in maneuverability. Primarily suited for indoor or paved applications use as cushion tires can struggle on uneven surfaces like gravel.
  2. Pneumatic TirePneumatic Tires (Solid) – Designed of solid rubber, much like a cushion tire and the most common tire on the market today. Commonly used for a combination of indoor and outdoor applications. However, solid pneumatic tires do not offer the same comfortable ride a cushion tire does across paved surfaces. The initial investment is higher, but they are practically indestructible and have a very long life.
  3. Pneumatic AirPneumatic Tires (Air Filled) – Designed of rubber, but air filled much like a car or truck tire. They have a deep tread and are made of strong, long-lasting rubber material. These tires are better for rough, outdoor terrain.

Although tires are an important component to the operation of the forklift, other options must be reviewed and considered before you make your purchase.

Application-Based Components

  1. Back-up alarms offer a clear warning to pedestrians when the operator is operating the forklift in reverse.
  2. Flashing Lights/Strobes/Rotating Beacons assist the operator in alerting pedestrians to the presence of the forklift.
  3. Mirrors offer extended visibility for the operator


Ergonomics may seem like a luxury, but for an employee who spends their day on a forklift, adjustable seats and comforts can reduce the risk of stress injuries and make for a more productive day.


  1. Side-shifters enable the operator to move the load left and right without moving the forklift. This allows the operator to place the load exactly where they require it.
  2. Side-shifting Fork Positioner enables the fork spread to be adjusted from the driver’s seat eliminating the need to manually adjust the forks.

A wide variety of options are available for your forklift. Contact your local Toyota forklift dealer to learn more and help determine which options will work best for your application.

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