Pedestrian Safety Training

Keep every person in your facility safe around forklifts.

It may be natural to assume that a forklift operator will stop a lift truck if he sees you walking in its path, but that doesn’t make it a safe bet. Of the 95,000 lift truck accidents that occur annually, an average of 20,000 involve injury, and 100 result in death, according to OSHA… and many of those that are hurt or killed are pedestrians. While training operators to drive responsibly is a good start, even the most astute operator can’t always see a pedestrian in time to stop a 9,000–14,000 lb. truck in time to avoid collision.

For these reasons, it is important to put strict protocols, facility design measures and equipment in place to protect all pedestrians that share a space with forklifts. TMHOH pedestrian safety training can help.

Make Safety a True Priority with Pedestrian Safety Training.

Our pedestrian safety training courses teaches pedestrians to co-habitate with forklifts within the workplace. It includes information about the hazards of forklifts, pedestrian safety accessories, and education on the forklift operator’s perspective so that pedestrians can make more informed, and subsequently safer, decisions. Attendees learn how factors such as the importance of maintaining load stability, wide forklift turning radii, and driven sight obstructions can increase the danger of careless movement around lift trucks, and they will ultimately gain an understanding of what it takes to remain productive and safe around forklifts.

Want to take the next step towards decreasing the likelihood of a pedestrian-related accident around your forklifts? Contact TMHOH to learn more about training your pedestrians today.

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