Forklift Safety Training

A little training can go a long way toward a safer workplace.

Many organizations state that safety is a high priority, but emphasis is often not placed on the training that breeds a safe environment. 25 percent of forklift-related accidents are the result of inadequate training, according to OSHA, which is why the agency leverages fines of $7,000–$70,000 when improper training is detected. While there are roughly 260 forklift-related injuries every day in the U.S., forklift safety training can help—improving operator performance scores by an average of 61 percent.

Find the Forklift Safety Training Right for You.

TMHOH offers a number of forklift safety training courses to suit the diverse needs of your employees and facility visitors. Options include:

  • An operator training course that educates operators according to the latest OSHA standards. The syllabus includes site-specific instruction, classroom instruction, training manual distribution and hands-on individual assessment.
  • A train the trainer course designed to educate in-house trainers that can pass knowledge on to others throughout your organization.
  • A refresher course that is required every three years to stay up-to-date on OSHA regulations and to maintain safety certification.
  • A trainer/supervisor refresher course that keeps trainers and supervisors in-the-know on the latest OSHA regulations.
  • A pedestrian training course that explains how pedestrians can safely cohabitate with forklifts in the workplace.

TMHOH also provides safety audit services to help you identify risks at your facilities, as well as accident reporting and investigation services to help identify what went wrong and how to prevent it in the future.

Make the safety of your people, products and place of business a top priority. Contact us to learn more about safety training today.

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