Batteries and Chargers Maintenance

Let the pros handle your electrical equipment upkeep.

In some ways, operating electric forklifts seems like a safer option than operating lift trucks that run on combustible fuel. That could be, but how well do you know how to maintain and repair the electrical equipment required to keep your forklifts in service? Batteries and chargers must be serviced properly if they are to last, and but improper maintenance or repairs can be a recipe for danger. Need assistance? TMHOH can lend a hand.

Batteries and Chargers Maintenance

Promote Safety and Longevity with Careful Maintenance.

TMHOH offers you services such as batteries and chargers maintenance programs so that you can keep your electric lift trucks in service while keeping your employees safe.

  • Repairs for batteries and chargers that limit risk while extending product lifespans.  
  • Facility audits that include recommendations to optimize battery and charger usage.
  • Planned maintenance services for batteries and chargers.
  • Battery watering, equalization charging and other upkeep operations.

Limit downtime, create electric charging efficiencies and maintain a safe workplace with expert battery and charger services from TMHOH. For more information on these programs, contact us here or your local branch today.

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The Complete Guide to Renting Forklifts

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Trade Up to Toyota Sales Event

Trade Up to A Toyota Forklift and Receive a $2,000 Factory Rebate!

It’s a new year! And the time has come to clean up your clutter with our TRADE UP TO TOYOTA SALES EVENT! Trade in your forklift for a reliable and durable Toyota.

  • Valid January 15- April 30, 2018
  • $2,000 Factory Rebate on Trade-in of an operational competitive branded forklift
  • The customer rebate is applicable for any sit-down forklift as long as it’s operational
  • All sit-down Makes and Models are accepted

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