Safety Training Infographic

Toyota Forklift Safety Training Infographic

We understand. Forklift safety is just “common sense” and you just need to stay aware, or make good decisions, and you will not have an accident. But, there are far too many times accidents do occur. Check our our forklift safety training infographic below and learn the facts about how often an accident, or worst, a death occurs in the United States of America.

Training your employees means much more than making them use good judgement and keeping them aware of their surroundings. Training teaches operators what to look for, how to approach a situation, how to keep a safe work environment, and most of all how to stay safe. After Forklift Safety Training, OSHA found a 61% improvement in operator performance scores. It is important to train both your operators and pedestrians about forklift safety.

Click here to learn why pedestrian safety is so important. Pedestrians are at risk of serious injuries every time they step foot close to a forklift. Making sure they are trained and equipped with proper attire is essential for your company. For more information on pedestrian safety, download our pedestrian safety guide.

For more information on operator safety, download our pre-operator safety guide. Your can learn the tips and the best procedures to make sure you are providing a safe and organized work environment.

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