Forklift Safety Best Practices

Forklift Safety Best Practices

Toyota Material Handling Ohio knows how important forklifts are to your industry. They are a vital tool of productivity and can lift various things from apples to sheets of metal. However, forklifts can be dangerous, and every year, approximately 95,000 forklift accidents are reported to OHSA. Most of these accidents can be due to complacency and a lack of safety protocols supervised by operators. Operators and pedestrians that work nearby these vehicles day-in and day-out can become complacent to the piece of equipment, and often disregard some safety protocols. Complacency can have ill effects on an industry. It can cause asset damage, fines, injury, and effect employee discipline. Below is our Forklift Safety Best Practices info-graphic that we use to ensure daily proper safety protocols for our industry. Check it out and learn how being proactive and thorough in your operations will help save yourself time, money, and long-term stress.

These vehicles are crucial to the daily operations of many businesses and often are running throughout the day by operators. Proper safety protocols are necessary for maintaining a smart, trained, and safe service. Check out our Forklift Safety Best Practices below, and download our operation safety guide to learn further how to ensure maximum forklift safety without minimal setbacks in your related operations.


Forklift Best Safety

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