Why Electric Utility Vehicles Are Better Than Gas Vehicles

Electric Utility Vehicles Vs. Gas Utility Vehicles Utility vehicles can be found roaming college campuses, strolling down country club greens, hauling...

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Disc Scrubbers vs Cylindrical Scrubbers

Choosing the correct scrubber: Disc Scrubbers vs Cylindrical Scrubbers Industrial floor scrubbers are commonly used to clean the hard surfaces of...

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How to Get Maximum Trade-in Value for your Forklift

Finding a Maximum Trade-In Value Forklift There is an older used-forklift sitting in the back of your shop. You thought about...

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5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Trade in Your Forklift

The value of a Trade-In Forklift A forklift is an useful asset to a company. It's a productive piece of equipment...

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We are proud to be partners with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

Today our nation's children will be tomorrow's leaders in business, social, political and civic duties, however many are in need of...

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5 Reasons Cold Calling is Still Essential in the Material Handling Industry

You are sitting in your car glancing over the final details of your prospect list. You can't help but notice the...

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We Have Moved to a Brand New Location In Columbus

Check Out Our New Location In Columbus, Ohio As of November 6th 2017, our Columbus branch has moved to a brand...

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TMHOH Brand Video – We are here for our customers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryTcHsuWVsE Interested in more? Check out the rest of our blog, click here!

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Forklift Accidents : Are people safe around your forklifts?

Forklift Accidents: Are People Safe Around Your Forklifts? Each year there are approximately 95,000 forklift accidents that occur. On average, 20,000...

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Want more comfort for your forklift? Try Full Suspension Air Ride Seats

Want more comfort for your forklift? Try Full Suspension Air Ride Seats Benefits of Full Suspension Air Ride Seats Seats can...

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