Forklift Purchasing

Purchase your forklift in Cleveland, Columbus or Toledo, Ohio.

There are several benefits of owning your forklift, or forklifts, over leasing the equipment. When you purchase the forklift, it becomes a depreciable asset for you. When you pay cash or need a loan to finance your forklift, TMHOH is here to help. We work with Toyota Commercial Finance directly to meet your needs.

Benefits of Forklift Purchasing

There are several advantages when purchasing a new forklift or equipment, but how you acquire the forklift may vary, depending on your situation. You may also consider renting or leasing. However, below are some of the key benefits if forklift purchasing is your best road to acquiring the forklift:

  • You will own the forklift or equipment
  • There are tax incentives to owning over leasing
  • You can depreciate the equipment
  • In many cases, has the lowest cost of ownership
  • You can choose when to upgrade your equipment

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Whether your team needs forklifts every day or on rare occasion, renting forklifts may be the best fiscal option. Download TMHOH’s Complete Guide to Renting Forklifts to better understand how forklift rentals can be the best option for you.

We Have Extended our Aichi Next Level Leasing Event Through June 30!

TMHOH Trade Up To Toyota Sales Event Extended Through July 31, 2019

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